🌱 FREESOFF Course Library v7.0 - Coming Soon

Totally stoked to inform you that we’re almost ready with the next installment of the FREESOFF Course Library.

A few more days and we’re done. Promise. @Pishone_David was in Bangkok to do some soul searching (something about happy endings) and I have another 2 days to go until I’m outta rehab.

Anyways, watch this space for more exciting news.

January 1, 2021
Here is wishing everyone a Happy 2022.
We expect to launch in 10 days.

December 30, 2021
So we’ve got a green signal to accept new contributors for the Library.
Those interested in contributing to the library are requested to contact me via DM.

December 29, 2021
We believe people deserve a second chance. For this reason we will be revoking all bans, resetting the counter. Previously banned members will be welcome to reapply (provided they meet the eligibility criteria)

We are also in the final phase of discussions on how members can contribute to the library.


Wow…excellent news. Can’t wait.

Super, that is great news.

uWow .Wish you get the happy ending in BangCock @Pishone_David


Great news. I am waiting …for it


Excellent & Great news. Let’s Go, I’m waiting

Great news!! Was waiting for this.

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what will be the requirements to get in for this

Good question Dibs.

Well, we’ve planned a few changes, but there will be no change with regards to forum participation. No. of posts, topics, likes etc.

It doesn’t matter if a member has been on for more than 100 days. If he/she doesn’t have much activity, access to the library will not be granted.


Wow Amazing News!! Can’t wait for it…

Great, Can’t wait for it…

awesome!!!Can’t wait for it…

thanks. i want it. awesome

Great news… It will be helpful for everyone!

Awaiting …!! Trying to qualify for this now

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Thank you. Any specific instructions to follow, milstones to achieve to gain eligibility for the request to course Library 7.0. Please direct me

ohh thats great… waiting fortehese


Nice. Knew other library releases too late. Will try to keep up with this upcoming one.