🌈 FREESOFF Course Library v5.0 | Still Even Bigger and Better

level2 acess needed as soon as possible

how can i get level 1 acess? libarry v5 is open now or close?

thanks for bringing bigger library

How can I request access for level 2? @Pishone_David


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Any update @Sibijay ?

Hopefully this week we’ll have an announcement. But yes, the library will return.


Hello, How to apply v5.0 ?

  1. Tell us why you want access and how you would use the library
  2. Create an html landing page
  3. Tage 3 people who you care about
  4. Read the post above
  5. Take deep breaths and understand the meaning before replying to this post.

Hi Guys,
New here and I’m just skimming over this forum and discovering exchanges.
I just wanted to tell you that you are amazing!
Keep up helping those in need of help.
By the way, I’m an IT student from Paris, so “Bonjour tout le monde ! :)”

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IT student from Paris? * Stares in Doubt *

Anyway, Welcome!

:rofl::rofl: hahahaha…intelligent librarian

Why so? There’s no student in Paris or what? :rofl: :joy:

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Existing users will be DMd new access details. No need to reapply.


i Am exited.plese give the link

ok… we are waiting for your

Existing members please check original invitation DM for updated access info.

Everyone else…go here: 🌈 FREESOFF Course Library v5.0 | Still Even Bigger and Better


HI kindly provide the link. Please!!!
Thanks in advance. You guys are doing a great job. Appreciate it.