💥 FREESOFF Course Library v3.0 | Even Bigger and Better

We are glad to announce v3 of the FREESOFF Course Library. More organized and more courses to choose from.
Downloads are limited to individual files only. You can’t download a whole folder. This minimizes leechers. So there’s a high probability that this will last long.

The Library is organized in two levels:

Level 1

Business Management Section
Finance & Trading Section
Self Development Section
SEO & Marketing Section

Level 2

Audio & Video Section
Computer Programming and Development Section
Engineering Section
Graphics Design Section
Hacking Section
Medicine & Science Section


  1. Please use the link below to request access to the Course Library. Requests via comments will not be entertained.
  2. Access to the specific level will be granted for a duration of two weeks only. Until Sep 18, 2021
  3. Additional courses not included in the Library can be requested by contacting the Librarians. @Pishone_David or @Sibijay PM Only.
  4. Do not mention course names in the comments.
  5. A link to your FREESOFF member profile is required to process the request.


Level 1: http://tiny.cc/fscll1
Level 2: http://tiny.cc/fscll2



The FREESOFF Course Library has been shared under Educational And Non-Profit Purposes only. We cannot guarantee how long the drives will last.

Don’t download these courses just to sell them. Piracy is meant to be free. If you sell pirated contents, you’re a Loser and if you buy pirated contents, you are the biggest Loser.

The Librarians
:brain: @Pishone_David
:closed_lock_with_key: @Sibijay


would you please grant me access of level 2 course

Thank you in advance

Read guidelines before requesting, thanks


requested the access thank you so much in advance

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requested the access thank you

how can we request access to both level

One Level at a time. Anyways, you will be unable to download multiple files at once. AntiLeech feature. You know what I mean.


Due to forum limitations I am able to send PM to only 10-15 requests a day. Until this changes, there is a backlog.

Please provide access to the Level 2 Courses

second prt access plz

Thanks for your efforts. I understand you said that you can process 10-15 requests a day, but I was one of the first ones who asked for the level 2 when you just posted this thread. Maybe it was a hectic day for you. Hoping you’d process it later. Thanks again!

I am interested in these courses can I be given them

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@Sibijay I am not able to join the Google group while filling the Google form, So will I be able to get access to the course. Please do give a reply.

Google group access will not be given. If approved, he’ll DM you the details.

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Ohhk thanks for the acknowledgment

:arrow_up: Any requests in the comments sections will not be entertained. :arrow_up:

You are request to take a minute to go through the guidelines. Its plain and simple.

Also, not all requests are approved. If approved, you will receive a DM from one of the Librarians.

Again. Read the Guidelines

Hi bro give me level 2 .thank bro i am from village area because of you i can learn many thing that my friend cannot do.

thanks for the access brother.

By mistake, I chose Level 1 instead of Level 2, any steps that can I follow to revert that coz I cant fill the form again.
Thanks in advance

please provide access for level 2.