🔥 Freesoff Course Library v2.0 | Bigger and Better

Bro, level 2 please
Thanks :slight_smile:

level 2 please , thank you

Level 2 needed. Thanks in advance.

Level 2 access needed

Refer to the other post. This thread is closed.

Please share the links for level 2

bro plz give me level 1 course link

boss , i need access to level 2
and can you guys upload DurgaSoft courses thank you :smiley: :slight_smile:

can i have a level 2 access, please

@Gorsama @Kage_Musha @Michael1 @Abstergo_cruz
How will you get access if you don’t read? The main post clearly says no requests will be entertained by comments or DM. Also if you paid attention, v3.0 is released.

1.Go to https://freesoff.com/t/freesoff-course-library-v3-0-even-bigger-and-better
2. Follow Guidelines and request access using the link.

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yes, I filled the form on v3.0 but saw people requesting on this page too and at the top, it clearly says " Like the post and Comment which LEVEL you want"
thank you anyway.

Level 1 would be great! Thank you!

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Firstly, welcome to FREESOFF. Secondly read before posting.
You made a post aaking for request…what do you want to access, are were still taking requests, is this the correct way to make a request?
Before jumping in, take a look around the forums, get a hang of navigation and posting.
Niceto have you with us.

Sir thank you for redirecting me. I filled out the form for access to the google drive. Will you please accept. Thank you and I’m glad to be in this forum.

Brother please share seo and webdevelopment course…i dont get to download in paste bin

provide level 2 link please