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FREESOFF Course Library v.2.0

I’ll try to keep it as simple as possible. I removed drive access and made a drive index.

What’s the drawback?
You can only download individual files. You can’t download a whole folder

What’s the advantage?
Minimal leechers. So there’s a high probability that this will last long.

The FREESOFF Course Library is now organised into two levels

Level 1

Business Management Section
Finance and Trading Section
Self Development Section
SEO & Marketing Section

Level 2

Computer Programming and Development Section
Engineering Section
Graphics Design Section
Hacking Section
Medicine & Science Section

Courses List:
Level 1 >> Level 1 Course List - Pastebin.com
Level 2 >> Level 2 Course List - Pastebin.com


The FREESOFF Course Library has been shared under Educational And Non-Profit Purposes only. We cannot guarantee how long the drives will last.

Don’t download these courses just to sell them. Piracy is meant to be free. If you sell pirated contents, you’re a Loser and if you buy pirated contents, you are the biggest Loser.


  1. Like the post and Comment which LEVEL you want. Don’t mention the course name in the comments. Access details will be sent via PM.

  2. If you want a course that’s not in the list, DM me or @Sibijay. We’ll try to find and upload in the drives. Avoid requesting new courses in the comments.

The Librarians
:brain: @Pishone_David
:closed_lock_with_key: @Sibijay


SEO mafia by technical ripon de do bhai


links are not working

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where are the links to download?

How To download a course from the pastebin. I cant get it please help.

i want all of them bro. i badly need it

Please help me with this one - Lakshya Batch for IIT Preparation (All modules)

You gonna learn All the courses? :laughing: Cool! Do you know who’d want all of the courses (other than you?)


Please check your DM’s everyone.

Please share links of all courses in Level 1

Thanks. We’ll have it placed in the correct category

Hi there ,

Check your PM


Check your PM


Done. Check PM

i want courses from level 2

Level 2 course needed

Debug.log(“I want”);
print(“link for courses in level” + level[0] + “and” + level[1]);

I need level 2 please! Thanks.

Need access to level 2 course .

want illustration courses