FreePik Premium Anybody ?

Hi Anybody got freepik premium ? or selling Freepik premium, Looking for an urgent project work :slight_smile:

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Hi bro. As an experienced Graphic Designer , I know how to use FreePik premium images for free…No account needed tricks…

  1. Go on FreePik.
  2. Choose any premium images you desire.
  3. On windows 8.1 or 10, use Snipping Tool to capture the image…Save it as PNG or JPG.
  4. Now, On Adobe Photoshop erase the white background if needed using Eraser tool/Lasso Tool.
  5. Then, On Adobe Illustrator you can convert the PNG or JPG File into .SVG File Format.

You got premium images for free lifetime :wink:

I use this techniques each time and it works…No premium account needed.


what about editable psd ? means if i like the template but, i need some change then what to do ?

Please let me know if you need any image. I can help you with 10 images per day but you need to give me 24-48 hours for downloading.