Freepik Premium 24 Hours FREE Access

Hey guys, just found a way of getting free access to Freepik Premium directory for 24 hours (1 day)

  • Go to and Sign-up using Temp mail or your original email.

  • Subscribe to their monthly/yearly plan

  • While checking out, select payment method as PayPal. They will redirect you to the PayPal Faster Checkout Page and won’t bill you immediately. NOTE THAT the card linked to the PayPal must be a card with less balance or zero balance, else they will bill you. Make sure to cancel the Automatic Payments from your PayPal Settings.

Boom! You just got Freepik Premium for 24 hours and a day of access is more than enough for downloading all the required files. You can always repeat the same steps and use a different email to get another 24 hours of access.

Hope this method is useful to needful!


It only works for 5 min