[FREE] Unlimited Cloud Storage

Free unlimited cloud storage is typically a myth. If someone sells you on it, it usually comes with many caveats—usually with privacy concerns. But there’s actually a totally free, unlimited cloud storage that is pretty legit, so long as it lasts. And it comes via Telegram

Telegram is a popular, private messaging service that’s famous for its unlimited file sharing, among other things. Turns out, Telegram also has an API that gives developers access to the cloud storage feature. And developers over at TeleDrive used this Telegram API to create a cloud storage service that uses this feature.

It’s pretty simple: You log in using your Telegram account, link it with TeleDrive, and you’re free to upload as many files as you want for free. You’re only limited by the bandwidth. There’s a 1.5 GB daily bandwidth, and a 2 GB upload and download limit. Both can be removed by paying a $10/year fee, if you wanted.


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I will check it out. Thanks.

Seems it will show the file in telegram saved message

will the accounts and the drive link?

Actually, there is a Huge caveat here: you cannot use it without linking your mobile phone to your account to access the Telegram API, which means no uploading illegal/copyrighted files since they will be linked to Your phone number and thus be traced back to You.

And it’s hard to set up a fake phone number and a fake device to link it to.

Will it affect my telegram account in someway ? Like getting a ban or something

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I haven’t tested it guys, if anyone tried it just send a reply here…

@Sibijay Bro you can try this also

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Checking it out now.

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