Free rdp | google cloud | no cc, no id, no bs

While it requires a little bit of manual setup, its worth it for a BLAZING fast google RDP

You can have multiple instances open on ONE email, all free of charge to you!

Want to do cracking? Make a gmail anonymously, and when the account gets suspended, it doesnt harm your main acc or you!

This method is the one I used in the past when I wanted a quick RDP to hop onto, and get stuff done.

Watch this guide


Did it work when you try? For me I got this error.

put the code in line like this below you made a mistake there copy this and paste

! wget &> /dev/null
! chmod +x
! ./

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It works, thanks a lot!

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what is this used for? what is RDP? i’m curious…

Works perfectly! - many thanks OP!

Its a cloud based Debian Linux virtual computer, hosted in the cloud by Google.

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I see… thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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