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I will share notion templates here.

if you have paid and free notion templates that you love, Please do share them here as well.

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Sir, I’m planning to launch a Startup and I really want to manage that on Notion so, I can be organized as well as my team when I hire some in future. I really want to the things to fall down into same umbrella and I searched many templates regarding managing startups but all of 'em are paid and some are even charging up-to $100 just for a template. It would be my kind request to give me some links to some startup Templates. The best one I can find is StartupOS and it costs around $79. It would really help me some of the member kindly provide a link to download this template. I will be indebted to for ever.
Thank you very much.


200+ templates is missing though @Stardust_here22 @SJTheGreat06

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this trick doesn’t work though. @Dos_Pordos

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Yep . It says to ask for access to de admin. (200+ templates)
Anyway those 60+ templates are accesible.
Half in , half out, you see.

can you please provide the access to the first page?

Not quite the same , but…
maybe helps.

look the tags, they are somehow categorized.


Seconded. @SJTheGreat06 Would be great to get access to StartOs

thank you, its help ful