Free OpenAI API (Reverse Proxy)

How Can You Get A Free OpenAI API?

Please note that this method uses reverse proxy to make the API requests.

How to get it?

  • Check the Github repository below
  • Join their discord server
  • Go to #bot in the server and use the slash command: /key
  • You will get an API key for their API endpoint
  • Follow their docs on how to use

Github Repository:

But there are some strings attached:

  • You get 250 credits tokens per day
    • Text Completion: 1 Credit per 1K Tokens
    • Chat Completion: 1 Credit per 5K Tokens
    • Image Generation: 2.5 Credit per 1 Image
  • Doesn’t support GPT 4 at the moment
  • Rate Limit: 100 requests per 10 seconds
  • It has IP Lock (i.e., it automatically locks the IP from the first request to the API)
    • You can reset your locked IP Address anytime though

Thanks I got a free key! No need to pay.


Worked like magic in google docs. Thanks!

Keep sharing such awesome content.


Hi @Karen_Karen
First, thank you very much for sharing.
I have a question: This API will work in Huggingface? or in Replicate?

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I am not quite familiar with those. If they allow tweaking the API endpoint, you should be able use it.

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Hi @Karen_Karen
Thank you for your attention and answer, I’m not familiar with tweaking API endpoint.
They are platforms that let you test some AI services an news like stable diffusion and others most they let you do for free but has services that ask for OpenAi API.
They has a lot AI to be tested is very usefull.

Replicate uses its own API and endpoint. So it might not be possible on Replicate.
And for Huggingface, it would be great if you could mention the services that ask for OpenAI API so that I can check it properly.

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Hi @Karen_Karen
Thank you very much for your attention and answer
Here is the services:

Thank you

Hey there,
Unfortunately, this API key won’t run on Huggingface.

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They use open AI key format which starts with sk. The reverse proxied api starts with pk. Try reversing the api youself and see if it works.

(Also API is using gpt-3.5-turbo. It is very different from GPT4 technology. You can try it visually at

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Hi @Agent_XI
Thank you for your attention and answer, but unfortunately I do not know how to reversing API.

The scripts and tutorial is already mentioned in their github.


can you share the link or the description, about how to do it !

Check this-

how to use it? can you give me script for Integrating with google docs