[FREE ONLINE PROGRAM] HTML & CSS Essentials Zero to Hero Program (June 20, 2022)

This unique program will teach you how to be an expert in HTML & CSS.

Why HTML & CSS Essentials program & for Whom?

Job Opportunities
Software Developer, Fullstack Developer, Application Developer, Web Developer, UI/UX Developer, Junior Developer

Top Skills You Will Learn
Getting Started with HTML, Global Structure of an HTML Document, Structuring Your Content, CSS Implementation, Making Changes to the DOM, Deploying on Netlify

Who Is This Program For?
for anyone who wants to get into Web-Page or WebApp Development can be a part of this program

Minimum Eligibility
No criteria of eligibility apart from just curiosity and passion to get started in Web Development

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great resorce. be aware there are other free courses there. It`s a gold THANKSS!!

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