Free Movies,TV Shows and channels (Rokkr)

Just download and install Rokkr.

Then type in

Let me know how it works for you.


Thnak you very much sir. stay blessed forever and ever.

thank you working in windows 10

Never found a reliable link to watch TV channels in English. The given link doesn’t have English TV channels. Whenever I see a link saying ‘FREE TV’ it’s mostly free TV series and not live channels. Any help is appreciated !

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thank you for the share. working links.


it works like

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This is like Netflix and so cool

But it runs for only 3,4 mints after that it pop up to buy this service.

Also English language content not available most of eng movies are avaalibe in DE,MX,ES language.

As you can see in this image

you said its free but its not free

Olá antes demais nada,parabenizar o link muito bom!! Agora se alguem tiver com tv do Brasil eu agradeço muito! Abracos

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A big cheers to you.

not in english language