Free Microsoft/Office 365 developer subscription

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Now I will share you how to get free Microsoft 365 for developer subscription

Note: When registering must with your legit mail and phone number (just for verification)

Let’s Go:

First go to Office 365 Developer then you will be redirected to login page (u can register first or login with your own account)

Here I’m showing some of the screenshots just for example(Name, country changed):

If done, you will see the page like this


Click E5 Subscriptions

Then follow these pictures!

I recommend you with your own phone number (temp number will cause the code not sended)




Click go to subscription to go ur office 365 panel

u also can give this license to ur 25 people u love!

just mention his/her email (must registered on microsoft)

Enjoy :heart: :+1:


I believe this is just for 3months.

if MICROSOFT detects that you don’t develop any Office 365 apps, they will stop the subscription right away.


it asking for verification before accessing it

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At least I’m able to use office 365 for now


But this account for Only 90 days ???

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@adamfarris41 Yes indeed!

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Thank You Very Much

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Great share, Would be great to have legit premium trial of services

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Renew the subscription

Every 90 days, Microsoft will review your developing activities to decide if automatically renew your M365 developer subscription. In this video, I am showing how to make some developing activities through some M365 apps. It was based on recommendation from Reddit post. It does help my renewal so far. Hopefully it can help yours as well:

- Deploy LookBook templates on SharePoint
- Setup Power Automate flow based on ready template
- Setup Power Apps based on ready template
- Deploy Power BI template from gallery (not tested yet)


Be active and use the subscription to increase your chances to renew it. If you don’t succeed to renew it, you can just create a new ms account and apply again for the free dev program.

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@Fernan_Atillo @adamfarris41 @e-master @malik

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Today, I will show you how you can Get Microsoft Office 365 and 1TB OneDrive Free for 90 days. After 90 days you can renew it as well.

Things you need:

  1. New or old Outlook account
  2. Phone Number.

Follow this link: Developer Program | Microsoft 365 Dev Center to create the account. For step by step process, you can check this video.


Thanks for sharing bro

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Microsoft is offering the 365 E5 subscription to “developers”. Regardless if you’re one or not, you can get the subscription for free. All you need is a microsoft account.

What’s included:

  • Access to the Microsoft subscription owner admin panel (
  • 25 E5 dev licences with office 365 (desktop apps included)
  • 5Tb of onedrive that can be upgraded to 25Tb if you are using more than 90% of your 5Tb by contacting the Microsoft support
  • The possibility to add custom domains to get for example your custom email address ([email protected])
  • Lots of other cool stuff, especially if you are a dev

How to get the free subscription ?

Go here: Developer Program | Microsoft 365 Dev Center and click on join now, login to your Microsoft account and fill the details

First step of our amazing journey

For the next steps you can fill whatever you want it will work regardless your choices

Next, you’ll be asked to fill your admin accounts details. Note them down they will be really important (both the username and passwords can be changed later)

If requested, add your phone number to verify the account

Once everything is finished, click on go to subscription, login with the details you filled above.

Voilà, you have your own subscription with 5Tb of onedrive and the desktop apps of office 365 for up to 25 users

If you only have 1Tb of onedrive, go to the admin panel (, select your account and click on edit on the OneDrive tab

Give you 5tb and validate!

Renew the subscription

GitHub - zhtok/MSO_E5_Dev_AutoRenew_Modified: This is a python program based on Git Actions modified to automatically renew Microsoft Office 365 E5 Developer Trail. (not tested yet)

Renew Microsoft 365 Developer Subscription with Some Developing Activities in Your M365 Apps - YouTube (working)

Be active and use the subscription to increase your chances to renew it. If you don’t succeed to renew it, you can just create a new ms account and apply again for the free dev program.

Source and Credits: MSGSuite


I have tried to upload almost 5tb of data (93percent) and called Microsoft to increase storage limit to higher than 5tb (or 25tb). however, they said that developer accounts is only limited to 5tb. you need to upgrade the account to get the 25tb.

Continuing the discussion from Get Office 365 E5 for Free:

Thanks you very much for update.

My only concern is it is said for 90 days only. What happens after 90 days?

Sorry for asking stupid question.

Bloody hell. You actually gave them a call. Niiice

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Oh ok. Didn’t know that.

Please read the last few lines on the post.

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Thanks for answer and keep up the awesome work.

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it is not really a problem to call them. they are accommodating though.

Good to know. I’ve never gone that route. Be it Microsoft orany other company…Wait a minute…i stand corrected, it was CISCO a couple of years ago.

So used to calling either banks or Amazon :rofl:

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