Free AI Text Writing Assistant for Windows

Build-in ChatGPT text writing assistant for Windows
Elevate your writing experience using Ctrl+Right Click on selected text to access powerful features in 76 languages:

Advanced spell checking

Expert proofreading

Accurate translation

Instant in-place ChatGPT answers


Further analysis in process… be careful.

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Anyway it could be a false positive… You can try. I just post this because:

  • the site of the download does not have either a home page or content.
  • the exe file maybe /maybe not , can be disassembled to look inside to look at the inner files. Maybe is some script that runs against GPT-4 somehow, but the thing is that it is not a Jupyter script, or a Collab script, neither a python script.
    So anything that runs in command line can be either innocuous or very harmful. No way to answer that dilemma.