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Come on man…
This community is for helping others, not benifiting off them
If you really want to help then share a non ref link


Comeon bro ! why u people only think of yourself if there is anything u are losing? if he is sharing a referal link I don’t think there is anything wrong in it if u don’t want to use then just don’t use it but as long as they are providing value It is Good for community and by Joining through this link u will help him get 1 year license Maybe u don’t need it but he might need it in his work So think it as helping him achieve what he wants in this way also you are supporting community

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I don’t know why but People just can’t see someone getting benefit even if there are sharing a good thing with them which they didn’t knew about such people are of mindset like if i don’t grow i will not let u grow also …Basically leg pulling mentality crabs :crab:

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20? are u sure it’s not refer 20 and earn a chance of lifetime, then it may not worth it, or the other 10 must premium signup, and if its me, if I insert referral in some forums, I always add a note this is a referral link, personally, I will feel bad even if I earn something, cuz maybe someone didn’t know what my intention is, and including nonreferral link also (lol I think someone will try my recommended way in other sites like on***ck) anyway, good luck

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