[Free Access] SkillFront Certification Package and All Bonuses

  • CERTIFICATION: Certified Insurance Industry Fundamentals™ (CIIF™) (USD 297.- Value)
  • BONUS PROGRAM E-BOOK: 82 Pages (USD 97.- Value)
  • BONUS PROGRAM AUDIOBOOK: 52 Minutes, 57 Seconds (USD 50.- Value)
  • SHAREABLE & VERIFIABLE DIGITAL BADGE: Your Name Engraved On It, Custom Made For You (USD 99.- Value)

Subjects Covered:

  • CHAPTER 1. Risk Pooling and cash management: When did it start and what did our ancestors discover which is still being used today?
  • CHAPTER 2. What were the first insurance policies issued?
  • CHAPTER 3. What is the aim of insurance? And what does it bring to our societies?
  • CHAPTER 4. What is at the core of “modern insurance”?
  • CHAPTER 5. What are the main business lines (General insurance also called Property & Casualty, life insurance, savings accounts, etc) and products?
  • CHAPTER 6. How are insurers able to fulfill their promises? Introduction to the asset & liability matching concepts.
  • CHAPTER 7. What is the size of the global insurance market?
  • CHAPTER 8. What are the legal requirements for insurance (Premium, Excess, Limit of insurance covers, etc)? We are also covering the insurance premium and what is its “well preserved” secret?
  • CHAPTER 9. What are the main contractual requirements and the elements of insurance contracts?
  • CHAPTER 10. What is the business model of insurers? And how do they make profits? We are covering at a high level their cash flow and introduce you to the concept of solvency (more about this in other programs)
  • CHAPTER 11. What are the principles of claims management?

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