Here I found one that will provide you 5TB of storage . Follow the instructions below to get your account:

  1. Go to Click Here
  2. Click on big button "5000 GB Free space"
  3. Fill out the details and choose the country “United States of America”
  4. Enjoy the storage [image]

The site seems to be legit and working since 2006, but still, do not use it for private information/file storage.


Literally you will get 20 gb . The more you have files then the storage will automatically increases up to 5TB. I used this service once .But the most hinder part of this site that you can’t storage your file for a long time , they will automatically delete the files those which are not downloaded by others . Now most of us don’t like that a unknown person will download my personal files !!.This is the biggest problem they deleted my study documents around 6gb ?? Their logic is that we don’t store in un-downloaded files for long time whereas in gdrive ,onedrive, other cloud based free drives gives opportunities to store in my storage anything for lifetime !!
I think this is the most serious part of trainbit storage before anyone putting their valuable files or creating account on their site ; because anytime your files can be deleted by their admins .