Free 30 account Canva for teacher!

Hello boys.

Exclusively for members of FreeSoff.
I will help create a Canva Education group for the earliest 30 registered members. The team leader will have the authority to manage the team and assign tasks to his group.
Please inbox leave your email


[email protected]

Thanks a lot in advance. Email id is:
[email protected]

Thank you!

[email protected]

Why you don’t just tell the method … ?

Step 1 : Go to This Website:

You will see a Temporary Edu Mail then follow the next steps, if you don’t see an email with .edu then simply click on the Delete icon Unless you get temp .edu extension. Email should be something like this -

Step 2 : Go to
Sign up with that temp email and verify the Email.

After confirming you can edit a temporary email to your Gmail account directly from canva (But it can ask you to verify to your identity)

NOTE - its not my method (Made by another site)


any idea how to upload fonts in these edu canva accounts ?

that only means you don’t know what you talking about bro ! go try first before talking . Thank you

Hahaha. Don’t be hard on the other people buddy.
He just wants to contribute to this community.
Btw, I have practiced this method, 3 months ago. And it’s worked perfectly till now.

I have some friends who did it this way, but the account went back to basic after 6 months.
You should consider if using it long-term product.

Done, you can check email

Done, you can check your email

Hello, you can see in help

Thanks a lot in advance, email id is
[email protected]

Yes, you can check your email

I thank both the OP (Onlines_BG) and Gamma143.
This is the spirit, sharing and caring :slight_smile:

[email protected]

ok, you can check email

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need one
for me d,m me

yes, has slot.
What is your email ?

You want a edit and caption video with Vidtags ?

need one
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