[Flux Academy] Standout Portfolio in 7 Days


Standout Portfolio in 7 days

A 7-day sprint to launch an awe-inspiring one-page portfolio.

  • Get instant access to our hand-picked tools, customizable templates, and expert insights.

  • Don’t waste time or money trying out templates, thinking about what to write, or waiting for inspiration.

  • Design and build your entire portfolio site while following Ran Segall’s actionable instructions.

  • No prior Webflow or Figma experience is required.

Impress your dream clients, work on projects that you love, and take your design career to the next level.

Follow this simple steps to access the link:
Copy > Click > Paste

Note: Don’t forget to make a backup just in case… :ok_hand:

Happy Learning! :heart:


password for link shared above

Dyription Key:




Thanks for the link.
But how can I get the link to the files used in the course?

Hi @e-master, thanks for sharing. Could you please update the link? Thanks again in advance :pray:

Do you have flux academy webflow course ??

Here is the link bro,
Use VPN to download and it’s a 6.3GB file

Download Flux Academy The Webflow Masterclass Download Pirate com rar
Credits: DownloadPirate


Brand Design Mastery

Thank you man.If you find anywhere this one please drop it in the comments .Thank you.

the link isn’t working, can someone re upload?

Download link : Here

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Do you have flux webflow complete course??

Thanks for sharing the great course.


I recommend this course. highly good