Flat Pack FX Geolayers Mini Course

Hello sir, do you have another course from flat pack fx? Example: motionfx new toturial, motion hero.

Thanks you.

hi, do you find it? or maybe MotionFX Pro?

does any one have this course

does anybody has this course? ↓Download↓ FlatpackFX Animation Master Course Free For All (gfxfather.com)
This is the animation master course by flatpackfx


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thank you bro, you a real ONE

This link is not working for me. " The webpage at https://anonfiles.com/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address." Kindly share any other link if you have.

Also do you happen to have boone’s geolayers masterclass? https://boonelovesvideo.teachable.com/

The site is taken down by the admins due to legal issues.
You can download it from here: Flat Pack FX Geolayers Mini Course.zip ~ pixeldrain

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Unfortunately, I don’t.