Flat Pack FX Geolayers Mini Course

Flat Pack FX Geolayers Mini Course

If you’re new to GEOlayers 3 and eager to create captivating map animations, you’re in the right place! In this step-by-step guide tailored for beginners, I’ll walk you through the process of using GEOlayers to craft visually striking and attention-grabbing map animations. No prior experience required.

GEOlayers 3 lets you design and animate maps directly within After Effects.

Easily create any type of data map animation you like inside of After Effects. Draw shape layers, highlight country borders, streets, regions, animate driving routes and more… Anything in the world that
has geodata can be integrated into After Effects. Use my affiliate link below, to checkout the program.



Download the video driver


thanks! but this download link is not for GEOlayers 3.

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Excellent share, my friend! Love their stuff!
Do you also happen to have other courses of flatpackfx?


Hey Man the GEM file Asks For Password. The Machine Code is 0003-034D-038D-0961 from my side !!! Help me to get access of this files.

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thanks for sharing the course and I can play gem files normally, without requiring any password using thundersoft gemplayer.

brother passwords for these gem files?

Everything works fine with gem media player no need for any decrypt key or anything just play it. Thank you man, there’s also a Masterclass on GeoLayers3 by Boone Loves Video.

I don’t have premium account from mega file.
Can we get from google drive?



Any link for
Flat pack fx Video Effects mini course ?

You dont need a premium account. search the internet for about ‘how to download from mega using megabastard?’ .You may as well find it here on the forum.

i think he updated it

FlatpackFX Travel Effects Pro


cant access the link, even with different proxies. could you please provide some alternative? maybe mega link. thankyou !

nevermind, I was able to download after few extra attempts. cheers ! and thankyou once again♥

is there any mega link for Jake Tran - Exploit The System – Land A Work From Home Job Course

Would it be possible for you to upload and share it via - https://anonfiles.com/ ?

i ask for new course called
Flat pack fx Video Effects mini course

bro where is the masterclass on geolayers3 by boone loves video can you explain pls?