Fireship - Next.js

Learn how build a high-performance React app that features realtime data from Firebase and multiple server-side rendering paradigms with Next.js

Who is this course for?

This course is intermediate level and will challenge you to build an app that delivers high-performance and search engine visibility via server-side rendering. It assumes you have at least basic knowledge of web programming with familiarity of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It is fast-paced, but far more in-depth and followed in a long linear format.

What You’ll Build

You will build a full-stack Social Blogging Platform inspired by sites like and Medium. Authors can create content under their custom username, then publish publicly with SEO-friendly rendering, while readers can heart or like posts in realtime. Featuring…

  • Custom Firebase usernames
  • Bot-friendly content (SEO)
  • Advanced SSR, SSG, and ISR techniques
  • Firestore realtime CRUD and data modeling
  • Reactive forms with react-hook-form
  • Image file uploads
  • Realtime hearts
  • Security & Deployment
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