- Next.js - The Full Course 2023

Master the fundamentals of Next.js 13 and the App Router

Next.js - The Full Course provides a in-depth look into the Next.js App Router introduced in version 13.2. It puts React Server Components into practice by building a full-stack application from scratch with PostgreSQL and Prisma.

What will I learn?

  • :man_singer: Everything you need to be productive with modern Next.js
  • :zap: Complex topics explained in 100 seconds
  • :books: Design patterns with React Server Components (RSC)
  • :gem: How to choose optimal rendering strategies
  • :bullettrain_front: Dynamic routing and project organization
  • :fire: Advanced data fetching and caching
  • :man_with_gua_pi_mao: User authentication with Auth.js
  • :date: Data modeling with Postgres and Primsa
  • :thinking: How to migrate from previous versions of Next.js

:unicorn: What will I build?

You will build a simple Social Media Platform inspired by sites like MySpace and Facebook where users can befriend each other. The goal of this project is to introduce you to Next’s rendering, data-fetching, and caching strategies.

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nize, thank you so much.,

Thanks Bro! I was looking for this course recently and you saved the day! Thanks again.

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@Ahmad_Sadaqat Great share bro !!!

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Bro is there any other course available with you from firship like react ?

There are a couple of Fireship courses shared in the forum, including a script for premium Fireship. Please search the forums for additional results.

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Thanks Bro! Got your posted 1 React Suparbase course.

Thanks for the course @Ahmad_Sadaqat!

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