[FEEDBACK REQUIRED] What's Your File Sharing Preference

Having a re-poll since the last one was messed up when the site went down in March.

What are your 3 preferred websites to download from?

  • Mega
  • GDrive
  • Send.cm
  • Anonfiles
  • Zippyshare
  • Mediafire
  • Rapidgator
  • File Mirroring Service e.g. mirrored.to

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Poll Ends - May 22, 2022


Woah. never knew there were Send.cm fans out here.


its not good need to download one by one files and in media fire also lots of issues cant download a folder without getting a premium
zippyshare and anofiles are best they are also supported by aira2


Part 1 of the Poll closes in 3 days.

This information will be beneficial to the community.

The better the links, the happier you are.

The happier you are, the more you’ll click the “Like” button and make conversation :slight_smile:


Are there any alternatives for mirrored.to? Also, I don’t get why people go for Anonfiles and Zippyshare when they can upload to more than a single host from mirrored!

I used to use MIrrored.to a lot in the past.

It works well for a single file below 2 GB. Multiple parts = Multiple clicks & windows.

What I found amazing with mirrored.to is that it allows you to update files in the backend without having to change the links.


Why drop it here where there is an option of creating a new topic for your request?

By creating a new topic, more members will view your request and try to address it. By doing it here, well it’ll be deleted.

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I use both Gdrive and mega

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Reopened the poll to catch the stragglers

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I prefer MEGA and mirrored.to.
Although Racaty (not mentioned) sometimes comes in handy.

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First time I’ve heard of this service. Will check it out.

How are the download speeds?

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This site may harm your computer :roll_eyes:

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The download/upload speed usually varies around 1-2Mbps. Not good for large file transfers though

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