Facebook leak - more than 533 million facebook user info

Any mega upload for this post?


@Penny_Trey_Shun @denishrana I downloaded the Indian Data from the above link, it’s based on text files. The data contains Name, Id card no. , First-name, Last-name, Marital Status, Profession, and location. Have a look at this screenshot.


Can someone download the Moroccan data, please ??

is this facebook leak 2021

can someone share this leak again on this thread or my inbox? was not able to download it?

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Does anyone have USA data?

above links are ufile premium how to download them

Nope. There is a Zippyshare mirror available as well. Scroll up.

Zippyshare for only Indian data!

In that case…I guess the links dead. Will post if i find another link.