[Expired]Canva Premium Trick for Lifetime Don't Waste your Time

:airplane::white_check_mark:Canva Premium For Lifetime Through Canva for Education :airplane::white_check_mark:

Step 1 : Go to This Website : https://10minutesemail.net/

and if you see an Temporary Edu Mail then follow next steps, if you don’t see an email with .edu then simply click on Delete icon Unless you get temp .edu extention.

email should be something like this @edu.pl

step 2 : go to https://www.canva.com/edu-signup

and sign up with that temp email, verify Email account.

After confirming you can edit temporary email to your gmail account directly from canva

Edit Account Email from here : https://www.canva.com/settings/your-account


Thanks @Spidey_Sharma .

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atleast give proper credits to that person you copied it from.


hey Brother I don’t know Who is the real owner Can you name him? i will edit my post to credit him :hugs:

Hi, this is work for me ,thabks


thanks man, my canva had expired, just in time savior

Thanks! it works! :smiley:

Works like a charm! great share.

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it work with zoom too. Thanks

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How to use in zoom??

Just use @edu mail to register a zoom account

After register do you give an acount zoom pro or basic?

Love you too much bro it 100% working

I have my edu account but I don’t get lifetime premium, what am I missing?

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Read The post and signup for education acc

Work perfectly. Thankyou :blush:

It Worked! Thanks man.

Besides the Canva account, you can also get Skillshare & Lastpass premium account.

link for lastpass .edu
Skillshare link:


wow that’s work,
another please :sweat_smile:

Thankyou btw.


this is awesome. thanks bro

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