[EXPENSIVE LEAK] Get 5TB of OneDrive + 1.5TB of Google Drive (100% Working)

It worked, thank you so much

it works thanks, what do you mainly put in here

Plz tell me how can i check my gdrive storage?

I don’t put personal files like photos and docs on it. I mainly use as storage for movies and ebooks.

Use Internxt Cloud Storage Instead. You get 2TB Free for an year. & its safe too

Thanks for the advice

i am not getting any verification code in inbox, no message in inbox

Is the 5tb onedrive by this method have lifetime access to me?

How long we will have access to the shared google drive?

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Awesome Thanks Buddy :zap::zap::zap:

Can’t say exactly. :full_moon_with_face:
It’ll work for a year or may be disappeared in day too. :star:
Be cautious don’t upload any important file.:x:
Only use for temporary purpose :white_check_mark:

No brother, it may be disappeared at any time

Here’s the Link - https://one.google.com/storage

But it’s team drive dude, you cant see the remaining and available storage. These team drives are more than 75tb👍

This one drive doesn’t work

Same here
Not getting a verification code.

don’t be happy by trusting these account coz, it may giving now 5tb but, u don’t know it will be nuked at anytime :slight_smile: but, i have hackegence shared drive since 6 monts … u can trust this :slight_smile:

Bro Shared drives don’t have that privacy … you can get free shared drives as many as you want.