[EXPENSIVE LEAK] Get 5TB of OneDrive + 1.5TB of Google Drive (100% Working)

:beginner: Free " 5000 GB " For OneDrive :beginner:

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Steps :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

  1. Go Here :point_right: LINK (http://od.obagg.com/)
  2. Get an Email with " 5tb.me " Domain
  3. Now Go Here :point_right: LINK (Free Microsoft Office 365 for Schools & Students | Microsoft Education)and Sign up that email
  4. And Done ! You Got 5TB OneDrive !

:beginner: Free " 15000 GB" for Google Drive :beginner:

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Steps :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

  1. Go Here :point_right: LINK
  2. Choose a name for Drive and Enter your Gmail
  3. You can find it in Shared Drives
  4. Done ! You Got 15TB Google Drive !

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It is showing syntax error json (on gdrive link)

Working thnx… :star_struck: :+1:

Try a different college, It’s working

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Steps to Follow for OneDrive 5TB Account -

First Go to - http://od.obagg.com/

You can see a mail in the header section. Copy that (there’s an copy option)

Now, Jump to step 3 and Visit Free Microsoft Office 365 for Schools & Students | Microsoft Education

Enter your mail and you see a page like this -

Enter the details & the Verification code you’ve received.



Wow! Both worked! Thank you very much!
Just a question, is this lifetime access or for a limited duration?

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Dont have desktop version.

use the ashadevipolythecnic. It has desktop version but only 1TB of onedrive. I’ve known this method for quite some time now and successfully made several accounts.

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if anyone having problem with the google drive method in this post, try this one, it’s a good alternative. tested and proven by me. https://td.msgsuite.workers.dev/


this ain’t lifetime, it can be busted anytime soon.

How do we know if the OneDrive from this is really 5TB?

click the gear icon on the top right corner, One Drive Settings, More Settings, Storage Metrics. there you’ll see the total capacity of storage.

Change the College from drop down

Now worked bro…thx :fire:

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Google Drive - it works. Just change the college.

@itiseasy WHat can i say bro… Your are awesome!!!

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For how long we have access to 5TB onedrive?

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That’s a valid question

You’re awesome man. Both worked. Thank you so much! Great great share!

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Until you get busted…don’t use it to store personal stuffs.