Every Course Collection in google drive links

Things to know before opening the link:

:spades: The list of courses is not complete yet. It is still in progress
:spades: Credit: Vikram Aditya
:spades: I make lists when I’m bored.

Happy learning!
Share this with those in need. Remember, sharing is caring… (Source: Old Kissan Jam ad :laughing: )


thank for the share, keep it up

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Thnx buddy :))))))) :innocent:

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tu bhagbaan hai bhai

Bhai Gate ka kuch course CSE walo ke liye upload kr dena plzzz.Thanks in advance.


bhai can u plz share this link aging because it in not working. i really needed it plz if u can


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you try to teach others and still you copy courses from the reddit group…you are hypocrite man …

I copy courses from everywhere. I share whatever I find. Read the second line of the post. I copied it from him. He’s the one who sent me that. Don’t go calling names who you don’t even know.
I never said don’t copy. I said give credits which I did. Where’s the hypocrisy here?

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I don’t give credit when I don’t know the source. Like the way I’m sharing, lots of guys send me links.

ok dude you found it …

mai tuje kya samajta thaw tu to ram nikla ree

Pliz share update Mega link i want plizzzz request

Pliz share the link humble request

Check this one.

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Pls bro reshare this one I want CN Courses

Thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

closed by Mega? is there ay update?

@ Digital_Pinoy
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