ETTV Officially Shuts Down Due to a Lack of Funds


ETTV has shut down and will not be coming back. The operator of the site informs TorrentFreak that he doesn’t have the funds to keep the site and upload bots going. The domain names are still registered for now but these won’t be renewed either. It’s the end of an era.

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Sadly, it is. Hard days ahead for a Pirate.


Depends If Private Trackers are not down
Dark web sources are up, didn’t go down yet!

If source is there, then it can be revived
Most of websites popping out, so people don’t
go for torrent. Many owners lack enthusiasm too!

We don’t know let’s hope good! :heart:

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1 of best of Private Torrent Trackers was

It shutdown recently, there are others too like Blackpearl etc
which are not in public eyes!

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