Ethical Hacking 2022

Ethical hackers are in high demand, and this demand is only increasing as the severity and cost of cyber attacks continues to surge. As you might expect, organizations that desperately need skilled and certified ethical hackers are willing to pay a premium.

Following are the skills that one must possess when he/she becomes the professional in ethical hacking:

  • The person must have enough experience in the field of cybersecurity
  • Should have the knowledge of different operating systems
  • Should know the sound practical knowledge of different servers i.e. Microsoft and Linux Servers, Cisco network switches, virtualization etc.
  • They should also know the sound working knowledge of the penetration software
  • They should possess strong programming and computer networking skills.
  • It takes time to get the required result, so a great deal of patience and persistence will be required.
  • One needs to stay updated about the latest technologies and be flexible to adapt to the changes.
  • One must also have sufficient hardware knowledge, Linux skills and Database skills.

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