Enterprise Shared Drive

Here is Private Enterprise TD for all

This link will be disabled in few days to prevent spamming!

So use it before that to get your Free Enterprise TD

Link 1: td.ultraindex.workers.dev

Link 2: td.ultraindex.live

Has usual, back up your data in multiple TD


Oooo, nice.

Different type of share. Good stuff.

Thank you, buddy.
Appreciated it.

How can i use this ? I don’t know please reply.

Check this link https://td.ultraindex.live/
Write the name you want in the first box
Enter your mail ID in 2nd box
Select an enterprise domain like Dumbo Clothing
Access the Shared Drive through your Google Drive

The advantage of these drives are,
Unlimited file storage*
The owner will renew enterprise Domains, Still have a backup of files in other domains.


How can we backup in multiple TD. What is the tool name

Go through this Guide :package: How to duplicate team drives – Telegraph


Oh Thanks, That’s exactly what I was after.
Will try out this method.
Another question: Do you think it’s possible to somehow automate the ducplication.
A script could be fed with a stream of new Shared GDrives.
The script could then duplicate content on let’s say 5 Shared GDrive, detect killed GDrives and automatically duplicate to more GDrive to remplace the Dead ones.
If not, what’s the catch?
Obviously I’m asking the question while I still didn’t read the duplication method.
So the question isn’t so wise…

Hmm. Interesting idea. But there are many problems.

  1. No such script exists.
  2. People will spam. Instead of creating 1 or 2 drives, they’ll create 10 and hope they back it up in all.
  3. Google detects your API usage and bans your project. This is happening to many people in recent days, even those project that aren’t used much.

Clone only what you need. If you try to clone the whole internet, no matter how secure you think the script is, Google will notice and ban your project. Then they’ll probably come up with some restrictions if people keep abusing these services. That’s what happen to Colab. People started using it for Silent Mining and now we have a LOT of restrictions cause of that.


Nowadays people are so greedy.
They won’t listen if their actions will lead to nothing. They won’t get anything or benefits from it. :sweat_smile: and they don’t care about other people who just made 1 acc for their own. What a shame.