[ENDED] 3 Months Headspace Subscription (Worth ₹449)


Entry Dates 2022-03-23T18:30:00Z2022-03-26T18:30:00Z


Post a random photo/gif (not yourself) using the Deep Nostalgia Tool.

Winner will be chosen from a lucky draw

Key Points

  • Movie Mode for mind and body fitness
  • Unlock the full Headspace experience
  • Sleep, exercise, bedtime sounds and wind downs
  • A new meditation every day

Interesting__________________________ :smile:

Awesome bro :sweat_smile: :joy: @Sibijay

Woah. The generated image looks better than the original :slight_smile:

Do you know HIM ??? :smile: :grin:

Oh noooo. AI doing its thing.

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In future there will be a big improvement in AI brother. AI is hailed as the ultimate future technology. The future of AI and how it will change every aspect of our lives is a hot topic.


It’s just the beginning.

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Yeah. One thing that does scare me are deep fakes. Its crazy what you can do with it. We can already download AI generated pictures. I can only imagine what the AI scene will be 5 years down the line

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Have you seen this documentary. Take a look at this, AI will take us by storm.


@Andriam_parany very interesting bro.

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All time fav Superstar… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Mr.Bean

OMG…no limitations :+1:

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