Dr. Kimberlee Bonura - How to Boost Your Physical and Mental Energy (eBook+Audiobook)

When physicists talk about human energy, they talk about calories and joules, but most of us simply want to feel good. There is a science behind that ineffable sense of vitality. While energy is a limited resource within the body, there are things you can do to help you conserve the energy you have and tap into hidden energy reserves.

There are no shortcuts to an energetic life - no miracle tonic or 10 “superfoods” you must eat every day. But like weeding a garden can help optimal growth of plants, daily self-care can help you maximize your energy. These 12 accessible lectures provide a toolkit for a more energetic you, offering a step-by-step curriculum for tapping into those hidden wells of energy and injecting your life with a jolt of vitality - that joie de vivre we all wish we had.

Dr. Bonura shows you the latest research on everything from sleep to mindfulness to the importance of play and emotional well-being.

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