[DOWNLOAD] Wordpress Secret Admin Backdoor COURSE

WordPress : Secret admin & backdoor, Database/Files access (without FTP / cPanel), hide plugins etc

If you use WordPress for your websites then this knowledge is a must for anyone - no matter you are a freelancer, web developer, or a website owner.

Here’s the brief highlight of what is covered in this course:

Access all your WordPress files &
Database (phpMyAdmin) only using the WordPress dashboard: Without using the cPanel or FTP logins, you can easily access all the websites files (like File Manager) and independently access the Database

Learn how to create a Secret Administrator Or a backdoor URL for your website: Using simple codes you can actually create an admin user or a backdoor link to access the WordPress websites

Hide Specific plugins (or all) from the plugin page - Yes with few codes, you can hide plugins from the dashboard - especially helpful if you are working with too curious clients who mess up things and takes up your time re-working on the site.

Gain access to your WordPress site in case of Forgotten or lost username/password: If you cannot gain access to your wp-admin dashboard, then using cPanel or FTP you can create another user and get control over your WordPress.

Thus, this course contains all the useful and practical information about WordPress - so please join the course!

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