[Download] Umar Ashraf course Backup is here

Same here doesnt work. Please send it to [email protected]

actually, guys just download the file and when you open the file you can watch the videos.

Nameless theres alot of files missing can you add them if possible.

yes bruh its say cant download limit x\exceed something like that

says cant download quote exceed

use this link Umar Ashraf - StockMarketLab – Google Drive and download the file on google doc and you can view all of the videos. I am already on the 5th section and it works perfectly.

Well i also download these videos from a previos link so i also want those missing files but i dont have those files so thats why i give editor access so if someone has those files he/she can upload so please guys if you have those files then upload it.

Hey . a lot of the folders are empty

Since it is in .ts format … just download the file and open with MX Player on your phone

i think some one deleted files from the folders bcz when i uploaded the course i checked it.
can you please give me more details about which folder is empty or which file is missing that i can reupload them.
Thank you.

hi there i already mentioned that i dont have some files so if you have then just upload them in drive that why i gave editor access to my drive.
SO please if anyone has those missing parts of course then please upload them on drive.

Thanks buddy. I got it.

how to open ts file in google drive could anyone suggest me?

well unfortunately google drive doesn’t support .ts file so all you need to do just download the video you want to watch and then play it in vlc or mxplayer or even normal windows player if you have win 10.
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anybody has videos of the swing trading setups?

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I am looking for the same thing. Did u find ?

Part 13 – Swing Trading Setups

Part 14 – Understanding Your Mind

Part 15 – Trading and Emotions

Part 16 – Developing a Traders Mindset

Part 17 – Designing your Trading Plan

Part 18 – It’s Showtime

Are missing in the Course which are a part of this course.

Umar Ashraf course - Mega


hello buddy this is the same course and not included those missing parts.
do you have those missing parts.