[Download] Umar Ashraf course Backup is here

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Thank you very much.
Files from part 13 to part 17 are missing. Please, can you upload them.

Brother can u share it with em… The link is missing now :pray: god bless u :raised_hands:

I don’t have that parts
I am also searching these parts but not getting…

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link is working.

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Brother I can’t get access to any of the video, can u PLZZ check… Thank you :100::raised_hands:

It is public link and also working in incognito window

Can’t access the link… saying too many downloads … from past 2 days… Can u plz hlp me brother ?.. By sharing it with me … the file u have… ?

hello yuvraj try this one : Umar Ashraf - StockMarketLab – Google Drive
and ya guys anyone can access this link.
and if it not worked then just tell me.

Hey brother. As I have Jio 1.5 GB daily internet, I cannot download the files in one go. Can you share the editable link with me so that I can copy those files to my drive. It will be a great help.

hello brother you can still download separate part of course like if you want to download part 1 then just download it separatly.so what is the problem?can you please describe.i mean if you have limited data then you can also download just one video.and dont worry this link will not expire.and if something going worst then just tell me i downloaded whole course so i can reupload it so.

Thanks for the help brother. I was worrying that till the time I download all the videos, the link may get expired. If such thing happens, I can always ask you.

you welcome pal and ya if the link will expire then feel free to ask me for course i will never delete this course.so don’t worry and just focus on learn about stock trading.
Happy Trading :sunglasses:

the videos are breaking too much is there any solution for that? or it is like that only? i am playing it on vlc media player.

hello ASHTRON as you mentioned when i play videos in standered windows media player the video become laggy so use vlc media player video will run smoothly.

@Yuvraj_Asopa please can you provide me the course? I’m currently in a very bad financial state due to covid.

@Nameless777 please can you provide me the course brother?
Desperatelly need it. Currently im in financial crisis.

@Nameless777 bro not able to download this. Please can send another link or send directly to my mail id

Hello Folks here is the new Umar Ashraf Course link with Editor access(I personally upload this course in my drive) so now you can edit files but please don’t delete or misplace any video or document just download the videos and learn from it.
Here is the link : Umar Ashraf Trading Course – Google Drive

Note : In case I delete this course from drive(bcz I have only one drive and already it takes 94% of storage) then please don’t worry just comment in this post and i will reupload the course and share the link within 7-8 hours.

Looks like some files are missing.