[Download] Udacity - UX Designer Nanodegree v.1.0.0

Hey guys,

Long time lurker here. Would simply surf and get out. But today, I created an account since I had been visiting the forum more than twice a day for some time now.

Please find the links attached to download the nanodegree. I have no idea if it has been updated.

Mega download
Decryption key: nbSfrr0dPsGtM-LOVKCFrA

Google Drive

Google Drive files will be deleted within 10 days. Mega will stay active as long as it doesn’t get taken down.



Thank you very much for this course it’s really helpful, thank you a lot brother

thaks broo,
it`s help me a lot…

have nice day

That’s great to hear. Enjoy!

Can you share a new workable link plz?

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Thank you very much for keeping link and provided us