🎧 Download Spotify Music For Free

Alright, so for this, you need a Spotify account with the playlist with the songs you want to download.

1. First, you want to go to spotifydl.xyz
2. Copy the playlist link from https://open.spotify.com/

3. Paste it in the website
4. A list of all the songs in the playlist will appear with the song download button under them

5. Download the songs you want

Apparently the downloads are 320 kbps, which only premium users have access to, which is a plus.

Downsides of this is that metadata is not stored, which I find a bit annoying because I like having the album cover showing

Enjoy :+1::heart:


sighs Just when I thought that I’d stop downloading things to save space… not (goodbye storage). Thank you for this :slight_smile:

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Nice. Have you used their service before?

Was wondering what bitrates would tracks be downloaded in?

I tried, it’s 320kbps. Decent enough.

Nice share bro @Dos_Pordos

My Review after using it for an hour.

  1. Files are downloaded with only the Song Title. Its not a problem for a few tracks but if you intend to download an entire playlist of 20-50 tracks, you will have to recreate the ID3 tags. Can get time consuming
  2. Not all tracks downloaded are 320kbps. Some of them are actually 128kbs reanalyzed with a higher bitrate. Larger size but same original quality.
  3. Simple website and fast downloads

its always showing “ID IS NOT VALID” what is the solution. i follow same step which is given above.

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I hope, you are using the Album link and not the song link. It only works with Album link from Spotify.

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you can try 3 methods: Cách tải nhạc từ Spotify miễn phí không cần tài khoản PRO


Please post english links only. Thanks


LOL, they are taking song name from Spotify and downloading it from YouTube, not worthy to use

@Sibijay Dude, we can use google translate. Very useful Thanks @Hauvuhdvn


If you are posting anything, English is easily understandable by all. Thank you @Sibijay @Hauvuhdvn


Good tips. But unfortunately I could’t download some songs. Does anyone know how to download episodes? It’s kind of different from tracks. I explain:
The methods explain above just work for tracks not for episodes.
Hope someone could help.