[DOWNLOAD] Skillshare Course Animation 17 in 1 [15.07.22]

1-Adobe After Effects cc animated infographic video data visualisation
2-Animating With ease in adobe after effects
3-Blender 3d Deep dive into modeling
4-Blender 3d Your first 3d character
5-Character Rigging with duik bassel
6-Fun With spaces create a stylised scene in procreate animation
7-Illustrating characters for animation in adobe-photoshop
8-Introduction to adobe after effects getting started with motion graphics
9-Introduction to cinema 4d a beginner s animation guide
10-Introduction to adobe after affects getting started withmotion graphics
11-Learn adobe after effects cc for-beginners
12-Learn blender 3d-become a 3d illustrator by mastering blender
13-Level up your typography creating animated stickers in after effects
14-Motion design-project-workflow-from-script-to-final-animation
15-Procreate animation make fun gifs videos
16-The beginner s guide to adobe after effects
17-Your first day in blender 3d


thank you so much! I found some courses here that i didnt find anywhere else. :smiley:

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