[Download] Made Easy GATE CSE CTQ Full Course For Free

The link is not mine, can expire any time (please do back-up)

Concepts through Questions (CTQ): Crack GATE & ESE 2021

MADE EASY launches Concepts through Questions for GATE 2021 & ESE 2021 Exams. This course is highly recommended for those students who have studied syllabus once but do not have concept understanding/ lack confidence/ Lack continuity in study / unable to study due to job/ have exam fear etc.

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it is asking for password and how to enter it? it is showing wrong password even i entered the password i know cna u please keep the new password?

@Jade_Bob Could you confirm if a password is available from the source you shared?

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Again .gem file extension
How to open them?

Mega link didn’t have cse course
It only have electronic course

:slightly_smiling_face: Happy new year :upside_down_face:



Decode here


Decryption key to? Don’t think they require any.

Hey, GOC player is asking for password while playing CSE videos…

That’s correct. We’ve been searching for this password long time :slight_smile: Sadly its unavailable.

Please checkout GOC they have a humongous collection of courses and this course is also part of their GATE collection.
If possible please upload the GATE CSE courses from there.

same issue , if any have password then i ready to some amount also.

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We are trying hard to get password, sir. But believe We are not able to find as owner deleted the password text. We will still try hope we will find it soon

i have this course …

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Thats good news. Are you able to share it with the community? Mega/GDrive?

Prince share with our community. we are thankful to you.

why mention something like this when you’re not ready to share…

I’m closing this topic until we get some reliable links.