[Download] Ecom Nomads The Google Ads Playbook

Nik Armenis is the founder of Armenis Digital, is a straight shooter who has nearly a decade of experience within the digital marketing space.
Nik’s worked with a number of big box retailers including BCF and Super Amart as a category buyer manager responsible for millions in spend on a daily basis.
His strategic approach to paid advertising online coupled with his understanding of the buying psychology has allowed his clients to scale to over seven plus figures

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Nik.Armenis.Ecom.Nomads.The.Google.Ads.Playbook.02.19.part1.rar - 600.0 MB
Nik.Armenis.Ecom.Nomads.The.Google.Ads.Playbook.02.19.part2.rar - 600.0 MB
Nik.Armenis.Ecom.Nomads.The.Google.Ads.Playbook.02.19.part3.rar - 600.0 MB
Nik.Armenis.Ecom.Nomads.The.Google.Ads.Playbook.02.19.part4.rar - 600.0 MB
Nik.Armenis.Ecom.Nomads.The.Google.Ads.Playbook.02.19.part5.rar - 78.9 MB

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