[Download] Coding Blocks - Data Structures in Real Life Projects

Bring algorithms knowledge to life by building projects!

One of its kind, our newly launched course on Data Structures Projects is a must do offering. Designed for school and college students, this course will help to ignite the interest of students towards solving some real life problems. The course starts with basics of Javascript, diving quickly to problem solving by building 6 real projects that include games, puzzles & web-apps. The course will give you an opportunity to apply your algorithmic skills such as backtracking, graph algorithms, dynamic programming, OOPs concepts to build some interesting projects which you can also showcase in your resume.

  • Learn JavaScript
  • Learn to Apply Algorithms
  • Solve Real Life Problems
  • Add Projects to your Resume
  • Certificate on Building a Project


  • Snakes Game (Arrays)
  • Sudoku (Backtracking)
  • Travel Planner (Graphs)
  • Cash Flow Minimiser (Graphs/Multisets/Heaps)
  • WhatsApp List (LRU Cache/Interview Problem)
  • Text Editor Cut, Copy, Paste (Stack)
  • File Zipper (Greedy Huffman Encoder)
  • CB Mario ( Dynamic Programming Optimisation in Game)
  • Jump Froggy (Greedy Optimisation in Game)

Pre-requisites - The course is for any one who has basic understanding of a programming language and data structures, and is ready to learn a new language and build some projects.


Download Here

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Thankyou It is very helpful

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Could you please upload " Java Master Course | Crux" and "Algo.Java | Data Structures and Algorithms " courses of coding block.


Well I have Coding Ninjas - Java Foundation with Data Structures & Algorithms course.
If you want I can post it.

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yes please post it…

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if it is in english language please provide me a link bro