[DOWNLOAD] Coding Blocks Almost All Important Courses

Coding Blocks Almost All Important Courses:

98.18 GB folder on MEGA


thanks bhai for this effort

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thank you so much bro for your effort

Bro can u give me only c++ drive link. Plzzz

Can u share all coding block courses on Google drive please

Do not make these requests please, admins and the owner of the threads are doing their best to serve you. Instead, be grateful. If you want them on google drive, download them from mega and upload them to google drive.

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Sir I missed it… :pensive: please send backup link if possible it would be very helpful, thanks!

Taken down. Please update the link.

Anybody have backup of it?



Thanks bhai :slight_smile:

links has been taken down

link down, please reupload

Link down. Please share the working link.

can you plss share it on google drive , the link is down

I managed to get most courses. here is a new link. Please import everyone.

Mega link: 49.55 GB folder on MEGA

I see most of you, who asked for the courses, are new users. I request you to please share our Forum Freesoff.com to more people. This will help us serve more. This will also help you because,

More people = more resources, more resources = more help.

Also, if there are more users on our freesoff forum, the probability of getting a backup of any course, after it expires, is much more. So you will get all the course much faster. Hope you understand. Thanks, happy learning.

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Bhaiya plzz java foundation with data structures and algorithm ka course ka new link bhej do

i really want it …i am poor.


Kuch bhi i am poor!

bro i really want the course…