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► Basics of Stock Market
► Fundamental Analysis Course
► Technical Analysis Course

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This course has helped more than 2,000 learners and I am confident that after completing this course, you will be able to confidently analyze and invest in Share Market .

Each course has 11 lectures , each close to 1.5 hrs. Even if you watch 1 lecture every day which is recommended, you will be able to complete both courses within 22 days.

In this course, you will learn 200 + concepts of the Stock Market in just 22 days.

Illustrative List of topics covered: BSE, NSE, Sensex, NIFTY, Types of orders - Limit, Stop Loss, etc, Auction of shares, Concepts related to IPO like ASBA Facility, Price band, Standalone vs Consolidated Financial Statements, PE Ratio, Free Cash Flow, ROCE, EV/EBITDA, Types of Candlestick, Indicator, Price Patterns, and many more concepts!

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Other links available too.


Any chance to get her options courses


Nope. Hasn’t been leaked yet. Will post here if it did.


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