Download Awesome Graphics Resource Dump 🐼

Graphics Resource Dump :panda_face::fire::tada:

Stuff downloaded from and some extra stuff

:arrow_right: Download ​ Site Rip

:arrow_right: Download ​

Creative Market - 16300 in 1 - GRAPHIC GIANT BUNDLE

:arrow_right: Download ​

Creative Market, Inkydeals, GraphicRiver, etc.  Mixed Collection | Illustrator | Photoshop | DigitalJuice

:arrow_right: Download ​

Levidio Site Rip

:arrow_right: Download1 :arrow_right: Download2 ​

More Stuff Coming Soon. Will update the thread.


well i cant edit my threads so i had to post another reply. Here is the next updated. SiTERiP Collection

:arrow_right:Part 1 :white_check_mark: Fonts :white_check_mark: Icons :white_check_mark: Illustration ​

:arrow_right:Part 2 :white_check_mark: Marketing Courses Illustrations :white_check_mark: Presentation ​

:arrow_right:Part 3 :white_check_mark: Sketch ​

:arrow_right:Part 4 :white_check_mark: Themes Templates ​

:arrow_right:Part 5 :white_check_mark: Wireframe Kits ​

:arrow_right:Part 6 :white_check_mark: UI Kits ​

:arrow_right: Part 7 ​


A little help here please
Do I have to sign up in sendcm to download the files?
Or is the files expired or something, cause I can’t seem to figure out how to download the files.

open the folders. inside those u will find files.


For those wondering, its only clickable on the text area (that says ‘Files’, ‘Preview’, ‘Video’ .etc) and
is NOT clickable on the Folder icon or the box it’s contained.

Made me wonder why isn’t it clickable on the first try.

Uploading to Mega would have been much better.

Here have to download all individual files 1by1, Can’t zip all folders & download
Not even upload to like we do in Mega.

Many would avoid this due to work involved.

But thanks for the upload.

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mega is the worst. keep deleting file from times to times for the copyright issue.

Yes, I know but for time being you can make it available in Mega;
we have Tb’s of space while less in our drive. Have to download

Will manage, but Great collection you shared. :wink:

ShutterStock Collection

:arrow_right: Download ​

Thread Update.

500+ Premiere Pro Templates

:arrow_right: Download

Thread Update.


thanks. appreciate it so much !

10.000+ Vectors Bundle Premium Pack

:arrow_right: Download ​


Please Update This threads with more stuffs :relaxed:

Plis + UI KITS, from delivery app


By the way, we can use terrabox now. It gives 1TB right at the start. Has selecting ability. Total user friendly

Guess you didn’t read this: No More Terrabox links


No such folder plz re-upload

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Getting Error…no such folder existed