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Sir it seems it requires password for extraction and no files are playing too . Can u plese help.

hey i got error 404
can u re-upload again?

not working bro, link seems to be broken… pls send again

bro the remaining parts which are apart from pastebin links, can you pls share again… only those links not working

Can you provide Angela Yu’s 2021 Web development boot camp in different link other than Mega cloud, the file is big and is exceeding transfer limit

Link not working bro

Can you please share the link again?

Bro. its saying 404 not found.
Can you upload the file in google drive or some other platform?

Brother, Please shared updated link

1.46 GB folder on MEGA

897.7 MB folder on MEGA

13.55 GB folder on MEGA

3.93 GB folder on MEGA

1.86 GB folder on MEGA

5.06 GB folder on MEGA

Disclaimer: None of them are mine.


I see you and I raise you this… :laughing:

Happy Learning!


Import done!. Thank you man.

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i am also not able to download file. plz help me.

How can we help someone who hasn’t taken the effort to look through the posts?

Mega links posted above still work. :slightly_smiling_face:

i wants only DSA courses which will help me in compititive coding.

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# AlgoExpert - 150 Coding Interview Questions

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Data Structures Crash Course ( AlgoExpert.io )

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Systems Design Fundamentals ( AlgoExpert.io )

Thanks a lot bro, great share with the community

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