[Download] Advance BlackHat Hacking Course By BlackHat Pakistani 2020

Advance BlackHat Hacking Course By BlackHat Pakistani 2020

Chapter 1 ( Android Hacking Course )
1 About Course
2 Why Not botnet
3 Tools ( Include In Course )
4_3_Port forwarding
5_HackingAndroid With Advance Rat
6_Hack Android Camera, Gallery Etc-I
7 Hack Whatsapp Facebook& OTP
8 Bypass All Antiviruses
I0_Creating UD virus
11_Making FUD virus
12_HackingAndroid Live

Chapter 2 ( PC Hacking Course )
1_About Viruses
2_Forward Port Free of cost
3_Forward Port By Vpn
4_Hacking on
5_Pc Android Rat Live
6_What is worm
7_Downloading Icons for virus
8_Binding virus with files
9_Rainsomware Builder
10_Ghost worm
11_ Keylogger configuration
12_Spoofers Practice
13_Making LID
14_Making FUD by crypter
15_Hack Computer With jpg mp3 etc

16_Hack Computer with registry file
17_Blackhat Earning Method & Spreading virus

Chapter 3 ( Advance Carding course )

1_Carding explain
2 Types of credit cards
3_Bin Carding Live
4_VBV Non-vbv Msc
5_How To Check Credit Card Live Or Dead
6_Drop Method
7_Buying Credit Card Live
8_Amazon Ebay Flipkart Method
9_Cc To Btc Method

Chapter 4 ( ATM Hacking Course )

1_About Cards and devices
2_How to Confuse ATM Machine
3_How Scammers Get Your Credit Cards Info
4_HackingATM OS

Chapter 5 ( premium Accounts Cracking Course )

1_cracking intro
2_Getting H Q keywords
3_Grabbing Combos
4_4shared account cracking live
5_grabbing combos using slayer leecher
6_Getting Combos by Joker combo grabber
7_Making HQ dorks
8_Crack Any Premium Account
9_ Dump HQ combos by SQL
10_ How to use Open bullet

Chapter 6 ( Networking And scanning )
1_course intro.mp4
2_IP DNS Footprinting target.mp4
3_Find Target IP.mp4
4_Find Website IP.mp4
5_Scanning for open ports.mp4
6_Finding Cameras IP.mp4
7 Hacking Live cameras, Modems .mp4

Chapter 7 ( Advance Spamming course )
1_introduction and requirements
2_setup scam page in Cpanel
3 Hack Smtp, WordPress website etc
4_8est Inbox Mailer
5_Creating Custom letter
6_Cracking and checking smtps
7_Sending to inbox live
8_secret of sending inbox
9_Chase bank Account checker Chase bank
10_ Advance Latest Tools
11_Making HQ Leads
12_ Buy Bulletproof hosting, RDP, etc

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Note - Make sure you create Backup of It. The Link Can Expire At Any Time.


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