[Download] 500+ Top Paid Courses for Free (Most Requested)

Sorry mate. I can’t help. Whole backup was lost due to DMCA.
They removed every GATE courses. I got none

bro hello!How are you?Could you please upload again the coding ninja,please?

bro can you post again please…

Hey Guys, Whoever made backup of OP 13tb create one more back up, pls share that one, we could also make backup, so no one could lose… pls guys your support needed, pls share who got the link

share the link. Thanks

shhare please thank you

I need it pls share i really want it

If anyone has Applied AI ML course, please reply

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sad it is not working i need it can u plz share another one

not working bro can share again please

Mega link not working, kindly repost it

please bro send again

please send it again bro

Please send the link again. Applied ML

link not working,bro send it again

link for the UPSC courses anyone please?

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please send again bro its urgent

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Please send the link bro …previous links are nor working.
Thanks for the help in this time.

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Change it to the loved one